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unleash the potential and capitalise on unique opportunities

this is youth marketing

understand what
makes youth marketing so
lucrative and

The youth market is an extremely lucrative and influential demographic of consumers, making student marketing a key market for any brand to invest in. 

Understanding youth is paramount for brands to be able to formulate an effective youth marketing strategy. The foundations of which lie in the 
4 Value Pillars of Student Marketing 

youth are in nature
early adopters

youth are in a unique community environment

youth are looking for brand

youth have access to
expendable cash

youth demand more from brands

Capturing the attention of this multi-media generation is no easy feat. How you speak to youth and through which channels is paramount to the success of any youth marketing campaign.

Youth are demanding more from brands and it is important to stay relevant in this ever-changing landscape. BAM Agency can help you strike the heart of the youth market with effective, bespoke student marketing campaigns. 

the biggest arena for engaging with students during a key marketing time freshers’ fairs

on-campus roadshows, shopping centres, festivals and nightlife hotspots  live experiential

product placement straight into the hands of early adoptive students product sampling

advocates and student champions of brands on and off the university campus 
brand ambassadors

formulating and managing effective social media for any brand
digital media

access to the heart of the student community through an array of advertising options  out of home