Sampling and Distribution

For brands wanting to promote a new product to the student market, there is no better way than to get samples directly into the hands of students through sampling and distribution. Not only does this provide awareness and exposure of the brand and product but it also gives students a chance to try before they buy. Students like everyone else have purchasing habits and may be reluctant to go to a new brand or product if they have a current favourite. Or maybe the product is new to the market and so students may not be aware of it’s existence. Therefore brands should try and break old habits by introducing something new that they can try with no cost or commitment. As our research shows, students are in a time of their life when they are open to new ideas and trying new things, so this really is a prime opportunity for brands looking to expand their customer base.

BAM can facilitate the distribution of products and samples directly into the hands of thousands of students across the UK and ROI with ease. From promotional staff distribution to hall drops or from dorm takeovers to distribution at high footfall events, the routes to distribute products are vast. BAM formulate, execute and manage the most effective distribution campaigns for our brands.