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this is BAMology

we do



we offer brands dedicated, full-service marketing campaigns from concept creation through to campaign evaluation, and everything in-between. We service all sectors but have built up an unprecedented knowledge and experience within the youth market

we take out all the heavy lifting, management and organisation of running a nationwide campaign. Whether dipping into one element or a full end-to-end campaign, when brands work with BAM they see amazing results



an old hat in a young market

BAM has been supporting brands for over 20 years.  Established in 1998 by the founder, Tim Bodenham, with a clear mission to help brands understand how to communicate with youth, understand how to harness their motivating qualities and counter their demotivators. Over this period we have continuously grown, retaining a wealth of knowledge, whilst infusing youth and talent into the business

over this period, BAM Agency has been delivering exceptional campaigns for brands within the youth market and our name is renowned among educational establishments. With over 20 years knowledge comes an intense level of intel and research capabilities. BAM Agency today, advises brands on the best way to gain life long customers from the youth sector

since 2017, BAM Agency has been supporting brands outside the youth market, across all sectors with experiential and promotional staffing campaigns. Using our tacit knowledge and dedication to service professionalism, we achieve results that speak for themselves. Today we celebrate our client retention, as we partner with them to increase their growth now and in the future



our values

We are creative, curious and adventurous – Constantly working on developing new and improved services

We act with integrity – Committed to being our best, providing clients with an open and honest service that is right for them

We aim to work in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort