Choices start to form and stick after 3 months

Brand association and loyalty starts to build

Keep communicating and strengthening the bond

Brand Loyalty

After the first 3 months of university life, students start to settle down into their new surrounding which means that the choices and decisions they made during their first few month’s are starting to take form and stick.

We see year on year brand loyalty forming during this key Freshers period and lasting well into life after study.

For brands looking to connect with students they should never speak to students as if they were a general customer or more importantly they should never speak to them as if they are all the same.

Students are looking for brands to speak to them, talk to them not at them. Remember at the start of each year, circa 600,000 new students arrive at University. They are at a critical milestone in their lives. They are listening and looking at everything around them. They are about to make lifelong brand choices so it is imperative for brands to ensure their message is fun and engaging, showing their brands personality. 

But the work does not stop there. Brands need to keep the engagement flowing throughout the year, reinforcing their brand message throughout their student life and beyond. Understanding your audience, what media channels to use and when is pivotal for any brand to be successful in the student market.