Freshers Fairs

Freshers Fairs are the pinnacle time of year for any brand with the student market as a key demographic in their marketing strategy. In these first 100 days they are on a journey of new identity and beginnings, which means that Freshers Fairs are the very best place to start a relationship with students.

Our research has shown that students attend Freshers Fairs to find out more about their new city or environment, experience new brands, products and services and at this moment in time are extremely open to new ideas. They are making purchasing choices for the first time in their lives and so this is a prime opportunity for brands to connect and engage with students that could potentially become a lifetime customer.

However Freshers Fairs are a crowded place, full to the brim of brands vying for the attention of students. Therefore it is pivotal for brands to stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression. Brand activation’s must be fun, attractive and engaging to break through the noise. It is also important for brands not to forget the all important freebies. A massive 67% of students said in our latest research that they attend Freshers Fairs simply for the freebies alone!

With hundreds of Freshers Fairs happening across the UK and ROI in literally a matter of weeks, BAM collate and maintain a database of key student events. We manage all logistics to ensure this pivotal time of year is maximised for brands.