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understanding the motivators and demotivators of today’s youth

this is youth research

market insight is vital for any brands marketing strategy. Our unique insight programme provides access to key insights, trends and statistics on youth behaviour, motivation and consumption

quantitative research usually consists of a large scale surveys via email, social media and face to face. Quantitative research produces mass results which allows for a broader study and enables generalisations. We also find that the results are more accurate and precise as there are fewer variables to analyse

qualitative research usually consists of smaller groups via focus groups, targeted email sectoring and shop-a-longs. Qualitative research produces more in-depth and detailed results, allowing for discussion and expansion on their response for a greater understanding

with both quantitative and qualitative approaches having their strengths and weaknesses, it is important to combine the two to add depth and scope to our research resulting in higher quality and more accurate findings. This is our methodology; Identifying trends, patterns, correlations and differences across method types and sources will provide rich results