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highly effective digital engagement tactics

this is amplification

create a stronger, more authentic relationship with youth

When it comes to amplifying the reach of your youth-focussed campaign, we here at BAM have formed highly effective digital engagement tactics, including: micro-influencer marketing, digital seeding and social media advertising.

There’s a plethora of studies on the web that prove that word-of-mouth and recommendation are the biggest influencing factors for consumers. As a result, micro-influencer marketing is a unique tactic that can provide outstanding results, as it empowers the same emotive buying triggers as face-to-face experiential. From source and recruitment, through to management and analysis, BAM will ensure that your brand’s influencer campaign delivers.

Alongside this, we work closely with partners and ambassadors to seed your campaign in order maximise reach and engagement. By placing your brand into the right groups, forums and sites, we can help you to create a stronger, more authentic relationship with your target audience.

to enhance your campaign further, and deliver an even more robustly targeted message, social media advertising can underpin your content strategy and provide even greater results. From devising a strategy to complete management, BAM can help your brand deliver a 360 campaign