Campus environments

Messages spread faster

Communities on campus and online

Community Environment

All students live in a Community Environment. All universities form a campus based community for its students. A community environment allows for brand activations to spread like wildfire, a community of like minded individuals all going through a similar journey at the same time simply allows early adoption to take hold faster.

Getting your brand message and timing right, in this environment under these conditions brands and products can gain a serious advantage.

Enhance, not interrupt

Students are on a journey of independence and new experiences. Brands need to ensure they are enhancing the student experience and their life at University, not interrupting it. It is the ultimate chance to be a University lifelong friend to students, a brand who understands them and who are there throughout their experience.

Market research is essential to understand your audience and what motivates them to buy. Message, tone, timing and offering are essential when triggering not only students motivators to buy and also the bank of mum and dad.