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Believe it or not, there’s good reason why the good folk here at BAM almost always insert a gaming element into the majority of our live campaigns. These can range from simple spin-to-win and reaction games, to the slightly wackier cyclone machines, all the way through to virtual reality.

Many assume that games are used as a last minute ploy to help you stand out from the crowd….however, games are not just a pretty face. Yes, they are visually impactful. Sure, they are able to draw a crowd. Yes, they can bring colour and life to what may be an ‘unsexy’ brand. But what most often goes overlooked is that games are synonymous with the student lifestyle. And here at BAM, we know this.

MIllennials and gaming

There’s big bucks to be made in the gaming industry

A common misconception about games is that they are for children and should not be taken too seriously. This couldn’t be any more wrong, especially in this highly technological era. Despite our humble size, you may be surprised to hear that the UK is in-fact the 5th largest video game market in the world, with approximately 32.4 million Brits playing game, with a market value estimated at £5.11 billion. Hard to believe right? (UKIE, 2017)

The millennial generation (18-24 year olds) have grown up on gaming. For this audience, owning a games console during childhood was probably as normal as owning a TV. This generation has experienced the growth and evolution of video gaming first-hand, so it is important for brands to recognise and respect this when engaging with them. To cut a long story short: gaming is ingrained into the millennial way of life.

By adding a gaming element to your campaign, no matter how big or small, this shows students that you understand them – instantly becoming more relatable and approachable. A simple gaming mechanic at your stand could be all that it takes to completely transform the personality and image of your brand from something outdated, boring and unapproachable, into something youthful, fun and engaging.

MIllennials and gaming

Still not convinced? Keep reading..

Universities and academic professionals are already beginning to understand the full scale and significance of the video game industry amongst students; with 60 universities/colleges providing 215 undergraduate and 40 masters video game courses throughout the UK! UK-based video game businesses contribute more than £755 million into the UK economy each year.

There are currently more than 2.32 million students studying in the UK; all of whom are eager to interact with brands and nab themselves a freebie (or 10!) when attending Freshers fairs. Events such as these are a prime opportunity for brands to engage with impressionable students (who individually spend an average of £2784 per year on non-essential items) and create life-long, meaningful relationships. Why not try adding a gaming element to your next stand? The BAM team would be happy to help so get in touch. The results will speak for themselves.

The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE (2017)). The games industry in numbers. Available at: http://ukie.org.uk/research. Last accessed 16th April 2018.

Written by: Thomas Diviney, Account Executive, BAM Agency Ltd

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