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unleash brilliance through unforgettable experiences 

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experience the power of brand ignition

famed for our flair for creativity and dedication, our 360 approach to delivering high-impact experiential and digital marketing campaigns is grounded in 25 years of innovation, strategic prowess, and exceptional execution. 

by harnessing our clients’ brand essence and aspirations, we craft bespoke creative solutions and unique concepts that propel marketing campaigns to unparalleled heights, exceeding expectations and igniting a brands’ true potential.

experiential marketing

the perfect route to engage with consumers through a unique, branded experience

promotional staffing

deliver an exceptional brand experience with the best talent in the industry

digital marketing

cut through the noise and make an impactful statement no matter where you are

youth research

get under the skin of your target audience and unleash your brand’s true potential

spark a connection and influence the next generation

youth marketing wields immense power by harnessing the energy and influence of the next generation, creating lasting connections that shape lifelong consumer behaviour.

their tech-savviness and trendsetting nature amplify brand messages through social media and peer networks; understanding their aspirations enables brands to create authentic and relatable campaigns that build brand loyalty for the future.

embracing youth marketing not only drives immediate sales, but also secures long-term loyalty and advocacy.

did someone say free PizzaExpress?

find out more about how we increased pizza sales and restaurant footfall amongst the student market

inspiring the next gen with the DfE

discover how we used real life stories and gamified digital marketing to capture the next gen of teachers

spin to win prizes with Burger King

check out how getting under the skin of students builds brand awareness and strong affinity

shop-along research with Hollister

understanding the importance of keeping in touch with customer insight to build brand loyalty

capture imaginations, develop a connection and drive consumer action

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want to join our team?

are you ready to dive into the world of promo magic, gain valuable experience and work with some amazing brands?

BAM is on the hunt for some seriously fun individuals to join our crew of promo pros, event maestros and brand ambassadors.

so, if you’ve got that hustle, a boatload of confidence and can transform campaigns into full on parties, we want your energy in our team!