What Makes Students So Unique?

At BAM we have delved into student segmentation, looking at how we can break down the student population into categories in the quest to help our clients hone their message so that it becomes bespoke to their particular audience within the student market. Throughout this research we discovered that the standard segmentation rules that you find in any demographic do not apply within the student market.

From this research we were able to segment students into different buying types, however there are strong market influences that affect the buying habits of all students as a whole demographic. Fully understanding these influences and how they affect what students purchase and the brands they align with, will ultimately improve the way you market to students and improve the message you send to the audience as a whole.

Early Adopters

Why Students

Students are in nature, generally Early Adopters; experiencing a milestone in their life and real taste of independence

Community Environment

Why Students

A nature of the University community environment allows for relationships between brand and students to take hold faster

Brand Loyalty

Why Students

After the first 3 months student's choices start to form and brand association and loyalty starts to build

Access to Expendable Cash

Why Students

There are many sources out there that show just how big the spending power of students is in the UK market