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At BAM we are always looking for new ways we can help make the world a better place from our continuous work on raising money and volunteering for our local charity Building Circles and participating in charitable events such as the ‘Run for Beer’ relay race. So when we were approached by Delete Blood Cancer UK to help them with their latest campaign, ‘Students Versus Blood Cancer’ we were delighted to support such a fantastic campaign.

144896_1280x720The charity’s key mission is to increase the pool of lifesaving blood stem cell donors, as they believe that not one single person suffering with a type of blood cancer should die because they are unable to find a matching blood stem cell donor and we couldn’t agree more!

Student marketing is what we do (and what we do best!) so using our knowledge and relationships with key student institutions we are helping Delete Blood Cancer UK to roll out its student facing campaign that aims to address the lack of young, healthy and ethnically diverse blood stem cell donors on the UK registry. With a member of each student body becoming an ambassador, the aim is to hold a donor recruitment drive, including events on campus to help raise awareness of blood stem cell donation.

Patrick Ryan, Project Manager Donor Recruitment at Delete Blood Cancer UK, says:

“BAM has assisted us in this mission by offering free promotional space in a vast array of universities, which enables DBC UK to reach the heart of the demographic our campaign, Students Versus Blood Cancer, is trying to reach.

Our partnership will enable more young adults to become potential life-savers and educate the next generation of the importance and genuine difference registering as a blood stem cell donor can make.”

deletebloodyoutubeWe are really excited to be working with Delete Blood Cancer UK and the whole team is really eager to help the charity to spread the message of its campaign. It’s really important for those who are increasingly suffering from blood cancer to have access to donors, and we are hoping that this campaign with our support will help to raise awareness of this and ultimately increase the number of UK registered donors.

Get in touch with our team for more information.

If you would like to know more about DBC UK, or sign up as a donor, please visit www.deletebloodcancer.org.uk