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A lot of students finish university ready and eager to start their transition into the working world. If your company wants to attract top millennials, you must capture their attention on the platforms that they use day to day. Is it a good idea to put out ads in the paper aimed towards the digital young adults of today? No!

Millennials are digital natives, so think digital!

What applications, media channels and tools are at your disposal to make top graduates want to work for you? If you want to get their attention you need to find out where they regularly consume their content and build relationships.  

Find out what millennials are talking about, and join in on the conversation. It may be useful to get help, and if possible, testimonies from other millennials so that your approach feels natural.

Sales message, sales message, sales message…Just don’t!

This particular generation is different to the generations before it, don’t try to just market job vacancies towards them, you’ll need to engage with them. Social media is paramount, so having a genuine and meaningful social media presence is the way to get graduates to notice you.

Don’t spread yourself too thin

It’s better to pick a few social media channels and do them well rather than trying to reach individuals across all of them. Choose the platforms that best represent what your company is about and remember millennials will most likely be using a variety of technology, so be sure to cater to varying demographics within your target audience.

Twitter is inexpensive, instant, and direct – unless you use their advertising feature, which can get a bit pricey. It allows you to keep up with current events and lets you have your say. Joining conversations that millennials are interested in can also get them talking about you. However, LinkedIn was made for recruitment, and is a great platform to use for research as well as sharing relevant content – you can also be a bit more corporate and push those harder messages e.g. job vacancies.
Don’t make assumptions

It’s really a question of finding ways to appeal to your desired candidates, and finding out how to appeal to them. It’s easy to assume all millennials act in a similar way but they’re a very diverse group.  A prerequisite to operating on social media could be visiting universities or online forums to discuss what students, graduates and post-grads like and dislike about recruitment, as well as hiring processes and what they look for in a job/company.

You don’t need to be corporate all the time

Doing something to stand out from the crowd is something else you can do to give yourself a better chance of success! Be fun! Don’t be afraid to ask them what they want too. Engagement on a regular basis towards graduates will ensure they are kept interested in working for you.

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