Transpennine Campaign

Smart Card Campaign

BAM were approached by Transpennine to support with the promotion of their new Smart card service designed to give their traditional Season Ticket a 2019 makeover, replacing the old paper tickets with new plastic Smart Cards!

Working the same as existing tickets, but much more durable and designed to keep travellers money safe, BAM set out to communicate the benefits of the Transpennine Smart Card across an informative 6 month campaign that also encouraged instant commuter registrations.

Working with the team at Transpennine to develop promotional activities to take place across the north of the UK which would be both effective and interactive, BAM were responsible for the distribution and delivery of all promotional materials as well as the sourcing, briefing and management of a large team of highly trained promotional staff who played a fundamental role in the overall success of the campaign.

Promoting the Smart card service with a fully branded set up at stations that covered the breadth of the North from Manchester to Scarbrough and on train journeys that spanned across the northern landscape, the new service was successfully communicated with both seasoned and occasional train passengers, with the direct approach of bringing the information to them, making it easier and quicker to get instant registrations.

After delivering over 28 rounds of engaging live activity it was rewarding to hear the high opt in rate chosen by commuters wanting to receive further emails and information on Transpennines latest service.

The accompaniment of a Transpennine representative on-site for the majority of activities days allowed commuters to get answers to the more intricate questions. There were also free sweets being distributed, which helped to ensure every interaction between consumer and brand was positive and memorable!

Bringing Transpennines latest service directly into the hands of those that would benefit from it most made this a truly exciting and rewarding campaign to work on and we look forward to continuing to build our relationship with Transpennine in the future.

Transpennine Campaign
Transpennine Campaign