TikTok End of Year Campaign

TikTok are the latest addition to BAM’s growing portfolio of international brands. Last year TikTok entrusted us to bring an end to their year in style, with an engaging, energising and inspiring student campaign across London. We love getting our hands on new clients and so we were delighted to have the opportunity to showcase the true power of the student market.

Formerly Musical.ly, TikTok is a new Social Network App that has well and truly taken over the internet. Available in 34 languages and reaching daily active users of over 150 million, it was clear from the offset that TikTok was an app that students wanted and needed to know about!  

The brief focussed on London Universities with a typically higher number of artistic/performance-based courses. BAM set out to deliver a campaign that replicated as much energy and enthusiasm as the platform users display themselves, implementing an experiential approach that was very in keeping with the ethos of the app.

After gathering 1000 pre-event surveys via a custom data collection app, we were able to highlight students current knowledge of and interaction with the brand. From our insight we were able to establish two main campaign objectives:

  1. To increase brand awareness within the student market through the use of influencer promotion and content creation
  2. Increase overall user acquisition

With these targets in mind, BAM focused on 5 key London University locations. Our first challenge was to source the best BNOC’s (Big Names On Campus) from each University, providing them with information to broadcast about the upcoming experiential days on their campus.  

With our help, TikTok executed exciting experiential events across the city. Varying at each location, the events saw everything from candyfloss machines to a giant iTab allowing students to try the app; to a photo booth and DJ playing all the best tunes from the 90’s and noughties on Tik Tok FM. BAM also facilitated an additional 664 hours of staffing for 83 shifts and Digital Media to run in cohesion with the onsite activations.

The iTab’s and the DJ booth were an integral part of the success of the dome activation days. They were impactful and a great way to demo the app. The iTab’s drove real-time content creation, with the DJ adding the atmosphere whilst drawing a crowd. We saw a significant uplift in sign-ups and interest along with a 78% open rate from on-site event push notifications.

After the great interaction onsite, it was time to truly understand the impact this had for TikTok on their objectives. We conducted a post-survey at the key locations, obtaining 1000 responses which were analysed for insight.

The results?

TikTok saw an increase in both brand awareness and platform use. The number of students aware of TikTok increased from 40.8% to 44.1% and the number of students who use the app increased from 4.7% to 13.9%. A significant increase and a true indication of how successful marketing combined with word of mouth recommendations can spread like wildfire amongst the student demographic.