Plenish Campaign

Plenish Distribution Campaign

An award-winning plant-powered drinks brand, Plenish is on a mission to fuel a healthier world, with everything they do being driven by the belief that people are at their best when they are running on plenty, with that being the same for the earth too!

Plenish products are designed to maximise plant-fuelled nutrition and minimise the impact on the planet, two positive factors that made promoting the brand to the public both interesting and rewarding.

After being founded in the UK in 2012 and seeing brand awareness and sales grow year on year, Plenish came to BAM with a campaign designed to give something back!

Our first campaign for Plenish saw BAM execute a voucher distribution tour, the ideal primary face to face activity to introduce new consumers to the brand as well as giving something back to existing consumers.

Charged with distributing 10,000 vouchers across 7 university cities and towns, with a voucher redemption rate target of 5% at selected Asda stockists, BAM deployed brand ambassadors from our pool of high quality promotional staff to target students and consumers both on university campuses and at Plenish stocked Asda stores.

With the target locations set, BAM’s brand ambassadors set to work handing out vouchers to consumers who were able to redeem a free bottle of oat or almond milk at their local Asda stockists.

The university campuses and Asda stores acted as the main distribution points for the campaign. During the course of the campaign once footfall decreased on campus and Plenish stocks reduced to a lower level as a result of high demand from consumers redeeming their voucher, BAM implemented door drops to residential areas in the vicinity of Plenish stocked Asda stores for the remaining vouchers.

In addition to the distribution element of the campaign, as an added boost we utilised our connections with universities across the UK to secure promotion of digital vouchers, focusing on institutions that were located within areas where Plenish was stocked at local stores. This meant that Plenish could maximise their reach by capturing students and staff alike who may have missed the distribution campaign.

Through hard work, dedication and thinking outside the box BAM and our brand ambassadors successfully distributed the full quota of vouchers for the client.

For BAM it is always an exciting prospect to work with a new client and we relish the challenges set by brands to help increase sales of their products and services.

The feedback we gained from consumers and stores throughout this campaign was overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to working with Plenish in the future as they continue to build a healthier world!

Plenish Campaign
Plenish Campaign
Plenish Campaign