Milkround at Freshers 2018

Freshers is a pinnacle time in the student calendar. Brand’s have a fantastic opportunity to connect with students on mass at a time when they are most open and accepting of new products and services. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise graduate job site Milkround embrace this opportunity year on year to maximise student registrations. Freshers 2018 saw BAM continue our long-standing relationship with Milkround to execute and deliver an epic campaign tour, building on the successes of previous years.

With data being absolutely key to the campaign, BAM adopted a simple yet highly effective approach to maximise results. In exchange for their data, students were offered freebies in the form of branded merchandise including pens, sporks and reusable coffee cup. Practical items like these are more than just a freebie. They are something students will keep and continue to use beyond Freshers, providing that continual brand awareness.

BAM handled every aspect of the campaign from concept and management through to logistics and delivery. Our full campaign management service released the time and pressure of executing a Freshers campaign tour for Milkround, safe in the knowledge BAM would work tirelessly to ensure targets are met and the campaign is a success.  

Milkround set BAM a target of over 20,000 registrations. We knew that in order to achieve this, nationwide coverage was imperative. BAM hired and trained 7 regional teams of experienced promotional staff to be the face of Milkround. They were armed with 110 tablets to capture data from 56 Freshers Fairs across the UK. Typically we advise our clients to keep data capture forms short in order to process as many students as quickly as possible during the Freshers Fair. Milkround, however, required a lengthier form to be completed in order to effectively promote their service to students. BAM took on the challenge, ensuring extra measures were put in place to ensure this did not affect the data collection results.

So what were the results?

Over 22,000 registrations were completed and verified increasing Milkround’s student reach to promote the perfect internships, graduate schemes and graduate jobs they have available.

Whether the objective is to build brand awareness in the student market, execute simple data collection campaigns or captures more lengthy data from student, BAM’s knowledge and resources can help brands achieve any goal. Carefully selected and coveted freebies to offer students in exchange for their valuable data is a proven successful mechanism, supported by the high data capture figures achieved this campaign.

What’s next?

A follow up experiential campaign has recently taken place in March and there are already careers fairs and Freshers Fairs in the pipeline for 2019. We look forward to continuing to build on our relationship with Milkround, as we work to enforce their position as the top graduate job site in the UK.