Honest Crust
Refreshers Tour 2019

There is a fantastic new brand that BAM are excited to be working with in 2019; Honest Crust, who came to us at the beginning of the year, entrusting BAM to run their first ever on-campus sampling/experiential tour!

As a new Samworth Brothers brand within the food-to-go market, Honest Crust has launched with an exciting partnership with Fareshare, the UK’s biggest charity targeting food waste at the forefront of its messaging.

Offering a wide range of freshly made products covering sandwiches, wraps, paninis and more, Honest Crust resonates with students, meeting their consumer needs by offering ranges that include vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. In addition 50% of their products are under 400 calories and all sandwich and wrap boxes are fully recyclable with zero plastic. Their brand values are a great match for the demands of this demographic.

Honest Crust had two overarching objectives; To increase brand and product awareness. They aimed to achieve this by generating awareness of where their products can be purchased on campus, through direct product samples and through the collation of 1,500 student emails to obtain valuable feedback on student eating habits.

Our first campaign for Honest Crust saw BAM execute a Refreshers Tour, the ideal primary face to face activity to introduce students to the brand. Distributing a diverse array of samples at thoughtfully selected universities from Bournemouth to Manchester.

A visually impactful stand was created, clearly showcasing the brand and its mission, drawing in crowds of students who were then provided with product samples in exchange for engaging with our on the ground team via our custom built data collection app.

What was even more encouraging than the sheer number of samples distributed was the conversations had with the students. With BAM employees keen to take a hands on approach (literally) to this campaign, it was great to hear the feedback first hand. Students had nothing but positive feedback. They loved the brand’s values, their aims to combat food waste while reducing their ecological footprint and of course they loved the added bonus of being able to try the variety of products that were available during the activation.

With few competitors within the market matching Honest Crust’s efforts to ingrain themselves with the student audience, it is clear that the student appetite for such a brand is huge. With the added advantage of products being available to purchase on campus, it was evident to see awareness of their brand was at an all time high.

After a successful first venture into the market we look forward to continuing to work with Honest Crust throughout the year and growing the brand, after what has been an exciting start to their journey with BAM.