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Generation Z

Although Millennials won’t want to admit it, they aren’t the big thing anymore, Generation Z is where it’s at now. With the oldest people in this generation graduating university this autumn, employers need to be ready in order to compete for the top talent.

Usually identified as being born between the mid 1990s and the late 2000s, this group is often wrongly labelled as millennials, and although they do share many of the same characteristics, they have significant differences. This generation have always known their smart phones, and won’t have any idea what to do with a VHS.

This tech savvy group of young people can be an organisations biggest resource, but be aware that there are less of them than their predecessors, and they do have different principles, so you will need to learn what is important to this group.

  1. Don’t be faceless

One reasons that Snapchat and Facebook Live are doing so well with Gen Z is because they show that brands have a human element. We all want to be able to connect with a brand, but this is more important to younger people. These folks want to see a funny, quirky side of the brand, they want to see human inspiration and they are more likely to share content if they find it funny.

Trolli are a great example of producing great fun content, which is humorous, and shareable. They’ve been running the below campaign on YouTube along with an amusing snapchat filter to tie in. Visual content is where it’s at.

Don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun with your brand, if you don’t then you might just become invisible to Gen Z

2. Dual Wielding

Jiji-VML-QaisThe number of Gen Z members who browse using an internet enabled device whilst watching TV has hit 74%. Although this is one of those traits that isn’t too dissimilar to millennials, it’s important to link content between the screens.

A recent Google study shows that more often than not, a user will view content on a smartphone, then move to a laptop. This shows that the multi-screen experience is more sequential than simultaneous.

Understand that consumers don’t want to consume the same content from multiple sources, but want each platform to enhance their experience, and also to lead on from one another easily.

3. Intrusive Ads

Since Ad Blockers entered our lives, we’ve been able to bypass the majority of the intrusive ads that we get force fed. Although, there are still many adverts that slip through the net. These adverts have been found to do exactly the opposite of what marketers want; a study by Ad Week shows that 56% of people have reduced their social media usage as result of newsfeed ads.

Generation Z are much more likely to listen to a personal recommendation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a person they know in the flesh. With YouTube being the favourite platform for this generation, a recommendation from a blogger/vlogger/influencer can be 57% more effective, than traditional marketing methods.

Generation Z want to know who you are, they want to know that you do what you do for the right reasons, and they want to learn. Make sure not to annoy them, with the internet as their best friend, they have a lot of other brand options available to them. This makes Gen Z the hardest generation to keep as a loyal customer.

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