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Just as fashion trends are always changing, so are the opinions held on the industry by the youth market.

As a brand or business in what can often seem like an overly saturated market, understanding youth consumers motivations to buy is now crucial. You want your brand to stand out from the crowd and really connect with this lucrative market. But before you can draw in the younger crowds, you must first understand them.

Over recent years it’s been clear to see greater focus placed on e-commerce and a departure from the belief that in-store is the only way to successfully market your brand. But does the youth market really want this shift online?

Fashion and the youth market

For 2019 BAM conducted a youth survey centered around their relationship with fashion, uncovering trends, insights, and buying habits, helping to gain a deeper understanding of the psyche of this generation. 

The survey uncovered that the majority of youth preferred to shop in-store, favouring the tactile nature of the in-store shopping experience. The survey further discovered that youth do not like to buy what they can’t touch, they enjoy the in-store option of feeling the product, assessing its quality and the ability to immediately try it on, proving that instant gratification is now a firm necessity of today’s youth as well as a key motivator to buy.

That being said the online world of e-commerce fashion is still a dominant player in the youth market and likely always will be. Although it wasn’t that long ago that shopping centres were at the center of retail success. If you’re a fashion brand today with the youth market at your core, you’re missing out if you’re not online. 

With the knowledge that the youth market desires to assess a product, you now need to give these consumers as much information on the product as they could gather from seeing it in store.

Fashion and the youth market

This generation is more environmentally and socially invested than any generation before them, therefore if you’re producing sustainable fashion, you need to showcase this. 

Our survey identified that the majority of youth would like brands to share with them their ethical values and production processes, with brands that fall short of a 5-star eco-rating now being pushed to invest in their ethical policies and efforts in sustainability in order to meet the expectations of this generation.

With their high spending power combined with a growing desire to know exactly what they’re getting and where it’s coming from, the youth market is a key demographic for any brand in the fashion sphere who are proud of what they deliver. 

Brands need to step out of the box and into the minds of this generation if they are to effectively engage with them in the retail space, creating an emotional connection and stimulating their needs and desires in a bid to win their loyalty.

So if you are looking to effectively market your fashion brand to the youth market, please get in touch today and let BAM help you tap into this lucrative demographic.

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