By: BAM Marketing On: October 25, 2016 In: Blog Comments: 0

We’re in full flow of the academic year; Fresher’s is a distant memory (•tear•) and students are now getting geared up for the Christmas break, so how do brands engage this crowd while fighting to grab their fleeting attention at such a crucial time?

Well, we all know that most students fall into the digital native category; they’ve grown up with technology all around them – they are the much-coveted digital generation. Brands are quick to turn to channels, like social media, to target this demographic – after all they have huge spending power. However, they pose a very particular set of challenges that often go overlooked; here are our five top reasons you MUST be operating digitally in order to build relationships with the youth!

1. It will let you cater to the needs and wants of the student market.

Students are almost guaranteed to be operating digitally. They’ll be using a variety of modern smartphones and devices, which makes it easier for them to make purchases on the go. Putting your business on social media, mobile applications and websites will allow you to keep up with what the modern consumer demands. It will also prove helpful in attracting new potential customers; millennials are always looking for the latest updates!

2. Using social media effectively is a great way to increase brand awareness.

The integration of social media in marketing campaigns is highly effective from a brand awareness perspective, but also because the majority of students will be active on social channels daily. Students check their smartphones and devices multiple times throughout the day, so there will be more chances to maximise the engagement with your brand.


3. It allows you to increase interaction with your customers.

Being digital means that your students’ experience will not end once they’ve bought your product, you can continue to interact with them via social media, apps and websites. This gives you multiple platforms where you can hear about people’s experiences and gather feedback (market insight). However, remember it’s not always one-sided – by sharing your audience’s feedback or engaging with their recommendations will make them feel valued, and if a consumer is engaged with your brand, they are likely to return for another purchase.

4. People will find you more approachable.

Talking to students online will help to humanise your brand. Being digital lets individuals approach the business as if they are speaking to a friend online. Consumers who feel comfortable approaching a brand will feel more relaxed about buying from them and will be more likely to recommend that brand to their friends and family.

5. You can keep a record of how your business is being represented and received.

Social media has made it easy for businesses to instantly portray their views and opinions, it has also means everything is trackable. Identifying hard results to determine the effect that social media is having can sometimes be challenging, but there will be a record of what actions have been taken to identify a concept of cause and effect, showing you what your consumers respond best to.

Don’t forget – Being digital is great, but it can mean your business is a lot more vulnerable to negative online attention. This is why it’s really important to always think your ideas through and make sure they represent what your brand is really about.