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You can mimic a result but not the creativity.

As technology continues to progress and its developments surpass our expectations year on year, it is becoming abundantly clear that creativity really is key. 20 years ago the idea of machines carrying out human jobs was exactly that, just an idea. However, with the advancements we have seen over past decades it is now a reality that one day soon filling even the most traditional of jobs will become a competition between man and machine.

There is however, one thing machines will always fail to replicate, human creativity. Creativity and innovation are now critical to any business if it aims to thrive in our ever changing world, stay ahead of trends and look towards the future.

Even the most corporate of businesses are starting to see the importance of creativity, it’s ability to problem solve and outdo the competition. In the words of Albert Einstein “Imagination is more important than knowledge” but when every aspect of your business appears to be nothing but corporate, how do you showcase creativity?

Social Media

There really is an endless possibility of content that you can post and share on social media, but regardless of your sector or product offering there is one thing that all businesses should aim to incorporate in order to nail creative social. Storytelling.

Storytelling has always, and will likely always play a large part in successful marketing, so you can afford to get creative with it! From blogs to videos and still imagery to gifs, the social world is your oyster. Stories help enable businesses and brands to portray personality, create connections and weave a creative narrative into a seemingly corporate company.

If you really are struggling to shine a creative light on your business, visuals are a great place to start. Eye-catching, engaging and memorable imagery will help captivate your audience when scrolling through their news feed. Behind the scenes, product teasers, company treats and the occasional work place boomerang are just a few examples of imagery than can get the creative ball rolling on social.

Creative advertising


Making unsexy brands sexy since the beginning of time.

Cool by association is real and it’s something even the most corporate of brands continue to take advantage of. From DHL sponsoring London Fashion Week to Mastercard sponsoring The BRITS, these unlikely partnerships are both mutually beneficial and effective when showcasing your creative side.

Sponsorship’s increase brand awareness while allowing consumers and companies to connect through real-time, meaningful and genuine interactions (Markgrowth, 2017). However, it’s important to pick a brand that’s target market align with yours. When chosen carefully the right event sponsorship will bring your target audience directly to you.

DHL and London Fashion Week may seem like world’s apart, but the two are a match made in heaven. With the immense pressures designers are facing with shipments and equipment arriving on time, DHL are there to help ease that pressure and help put designer’s minds at ease.

The association and connection is then continued even after the shows have finished, as DHL continue to deliver each designer’s branded goods, securing a connection every step of the way from catwalk to the consumer clothes rail.

Creative advertising


Whether you’re a bank or a brick manufacturer, your campaigns don’t have to be boring. Ranging from the humorous to the shocking, the light-hearted to the thought-provoking, campaigns need to make an impact and you need to think outside the box. Once again, creativity is key.

With a corporate business in 2018 it’s easier than ever to get caught up in the potential of technology and data to optimise the delivery of your ad, but the creativity and original idea behind the ad has to be good otherwise it will be all for nothing!

The power of creative campaigns to transform businesses and inspire consumers can never be underestimated, one ad that makes the world take note, stop and think can revolutionise your brand’s reputation, drive emotion and most importantly showcase your creative ability. After all, great strategy without great creative is like clapping with one hand.

If you would like to know how BAM can help your brand get creative with your next campaign, please get in touch with our team.

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