Best Freshers Fair 2017

Touring Freshers Fairs across the UK from Scotland to the South coast, surveying thousands of students and hundreds of stallholders to compile the most detailed research forming our Best Freshers Fairs of 2017.

We wanted to know:

  • Why do students go to Freshers Fairs?
  • Which brand had the best staff?
  • Which brand had the best freebie?
  • Which brands are students favourites?
  • Which fair had the best atmosphere and experience?
  • Will students come back next year?
  • What brands do students want to see at Freshers 2018?
    Plus much more…

Freshers’ Fairs are a must attend event for any brand with students as a key demographic in their marketing strategy. But in a crowded environment how do you stand out? Understanding what students want and where the best Freshers Fairs are is key. 

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