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About the award

Our new award for this year’s Freshers’ King or Queen has been put in place to acknowledge an Event Manager that has shown the following exceptional qualities throughout the 2016 Freshers’ campaign!

  • They used their initiative to overcome any obstacles that we came across
  • They motivated their team to deliver a high performance – a motivated and enthusiastic team is essential at these campaigns
  • They went above and beyond their duties giving it their all to deliver a sensational freshers’ campaign

Our Freshers’ King 2016 – Oliver Bryan!

Freshers King Queen Award Blog Google Docs (1)

Campaign – Greggs, South West/ Wales Campaign

Event Days – 8

Why? – We’ve chosen Oliver as our Winner of the Freshers’ King award for a few reasons. Firstly, he helped in delivering an absolutely fantastic freshers’ campaign. Secondly, his attitude throughout the campaign was absolutely brilliant and helped to motivate the whole teams of Bas, which meant we got as many sign ups as possible – Thanks Oliver! Great Job!

Oliver’s Response:

“Wow… that was certainly an unexpected treat! It was great working with all the guys at BAM, and I look forward to many more successful campaigns with you!
It is always easy to sit back and take the accolades from a successful campaign as an event manager, but I am always quick to shun any limelight as this is and was a true team effort.
Without the team supporting me and the event, the success could not and would not have been achieved!
On the day regarding Reading especially, the figures would have been nowhere near as high without Liam, so a big shout out to him as well!!
Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you in the future, hopefully sooner rather than later!”