By: Eleanor Morris On: November 04, 2019 In: Blog Comments: 0

As we fast approach 2020 it’s become common place for the world’s social media users to carry out their daily screen scrolling in between their day to day activities. But as a brand or business heading into the new decade, how do you press pause on the globes scrolling thumbs and win the coveted double tap of these social savvy consumers?

Although there is no one size fits all answer, implementing the following 3 steps should help you cut through the noise and make an impact online.

Every second counts 

When it comes to social content, every second really does count, but none more so than the first 3! As the digital age continues to dominate and influence the world’s population, consumers attention spans aren’t what they used to be. When it comes to attention grabbing on social media in 2020, it needs to be instant, more specifically within the first 3 seconds of content being viewed. 

In order to achieve this you need to know your message. If you yourself don’t have a clear understanding of the message behind the post, how can you expect your consumers to? Avoid the dreaded scroll on by, by showcasing clear and concise posts with minimal but key messaging. You never want to leave an audience asking too many questions so give them what they want and do it in the space of 1…2…3!

Understand your audience 

You may have succeeded in grabbing their attention, great! But why should they take the next step? Why should they care? Securing an emotive response will only come from truly understanding the audience you are trying to reach. You know your brand and message but just as importantly, you need to know the people behind the screens and adapt your content accordingly.

Do your research, define your audience and do this often. As we move with the times your targets can change, you may be surprised to find your demographic has shifted and the new audience you have isn’t the one your talking to online.

Make the leap

In an oversaturated digital landscape, mundane content just won’t cut the mustard. It needs to be compelling, different and unexpected. If your following the same style, same format and the same message as 2015 it’s time to make the leap and offer your consumers something new.

As a brand with a presence in the social world you are always competing for attention. Not just with competitors within your field but with every brand advertising within the social space. Consumers are bombarded with and forced to view online content whether they like it or not, so don’t encourage them to resent you, offer them content that is worth their time and not a scroll through.

Compelling and creative content makes your brand memorable and often acts as a welcome intrusion in between the hundreds of space invading, predictable ads. Your content doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel, but it should stand out from the crowd in order to avoid getting lost in a sea of similar content, so show those thumbs who’s boss and create great content that isn’t just a one off! 

With Social Media now being a leading gateway into the Millennial market, we understand its importance as part of an integrated marketing campaign as well as a stand alone route. At BAM we can offer you everything from tailored packages to complete account management. Get in touch to find out more.