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After over 20 years working in the niche demographic of youth marketing, BAM has taken its invaluable knowledge, experience and expertise to the four corners of the globe, working in America, Europe, and Asia, spreading our passion for the youth demographic and showcasing the sheer power of harnessing the student market.

For those who already follow BAM’s adventures, you will be well aware that we are frequent visitors to the land of Kazakhstan, working with the fast-food giant Burger King as we continue to help them crack the untouched student market in Asia.                

As we come to the end of our 3rd year of consultancy with this globally renowned brand, it is rewarding to see that the work we have done has successfully laid the foundations to ensure Burger King are in the best place to reap the rewards of what we know is a lucrative youth market.

Having never targeted the student market before, BAM took on the challenge of launching, running and reviewing everything from their first-ever experiential to countrywide Social Media competitions and University Brand Ambassador campaigns!

It has been an absolute privilege to share our expertise with our friends at Burger King and make a real impact within the Kazakhstan market and we look forward to continuing to bring more firsts and adventures as BAM continue to propel Burger king to become the leading brand in the Asian Youth Market.

Moving from fast food to fashion, BAM recently worked with the American agency Archrival on a research project that aimed to uncover the core fundamental needs and desires of Generation Z for the US fashion brand Hollister.

As youth marketing experts, BAM were enlisted to conduct research in the UK and Germany, heading to London and Berlin to discover key findings that would help formulate the American brand’s strategy for creating an improved Hollister experience of the future.

International Youth Marketing

After conducting in-depth qualitative and quantitative research BAM collated and analysed key findings from the European data, highlighting key insights, trends, and opportunities, providing the brand with recommended routes to reconnect with the youth market, winning the hearts of the European student consumer.

It is always a joy to share our knowledge and expertise with willing listeners and we have had the pleasure of speaking at numerous international events over recent years, with the Savage Marketing event in Amsterdam being no exception. 

BAM’s most recent trip to the Netherlands marked our third visit to the DAM, speaking at the international event alongside the likes of Google, eBay, and Coca Cola. It was clear to see the demand for knowledge on the market from delegates from over 30 different countries across the globe, with representatives from agencies in France, Spain, and Canada all keen to find out more.

International Youth Marketing

Working with global brands over the past 20 years has enabled BAM to travel the world, helping businesses from country to country meaningfully connect with the youth market whilst growing our area of youth insight from the UK all the way to China with TikTok and Australia with Student Universe. 

At BAM, no country or continent is too far for us when helping a brand to navigate the lucrative student market, as an international Youth Marketing Agency, BAM can show you how investing in the youth audience will see you cement your brand as a firm favourite in the student sphere. Get in touch with our talented team to find out more. 

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