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forming new spending habits and brand alliances with

access to expendable cash

influence how and where youth spend their cash

The spending power of youth is undeniable. It is estimated that youth spend 58% of their annual loan within the first 100 days, whilst one in five will spend the entire amount in the same period.

Whether this income is spent wisely or not, year on year it is spent. For the first time, they are in control of their own finances and are able to make independent purchasing decisions.

Early adopters and open to new experiences, youth are at a unique stage where brands have the opportunity to establish brand loyalty and capitalise on their access to expendable cash. 

research intel

it is a common misconception that youth have no money, when in reality they regularly have an influx of expendable cash that will be spent 

research shows that whilst youth love a freebie, if they want something they will buy it, irrespective of the cost. Brands need to understand what motivates youth to buy and trigger these motivators through strategic marketing