First Bus Glasgow – 1 Million App Activity Campaign

BAM were approached by First Bus Glasgow to support with their October activity that saw the brand strive to hit 1 million total App activations. 

After discussing key targets with the team at First Bus, the following 2 main objectives were set. Firstly, to get customers who didn’t have the app to download it, and secondly, to get customers who already had the app to start using it on a regular basis.

Working with the team at First Bus to develop promotional activities to take place over the month of October, which would be both effective and interactive, BAM were responsible for running 12 days of on-street activity in an effort to support the First Bus 1 Million initiative.

Responsible for the sourcing, briefing and management of a team of highly trained promotional staff, BAM ensured all employees were provided with branded uniforms and flyers and were able to perform live demonstrations of the apps on their mobile devices for each of the 12 days of activity, playing a fundamental role in the overall success of the campaign.

The implementation of a street team allowed BAM to roam around key areas where we were likely to engage with new customers, while splitting the promotional staff into 2 teams so there two members of staff on-street and two traveling on the buses ensured the app service was successfully communicated with both seasoned and occasional bus passengers, helping reach maximum brand exposure. 

After delivering 12 rounds of engaging live activity BAM were able to distribute an average of 600-700 flyers a day, while also running around 80-90 live App demonstrations. Throughout the Duration of the campaign BAM also distributed goodies in the form of sweet treats that acted as an additional incentive to engage with demonstrations and get on board with the brand.

After the live activity was complete, BAM further broke down the data collected, categorising the participants into one of the following three categories; Actively Using, Inactively Using and Non Users. 

Bringing First Bus’s latest app service directly into the hands of those that would benefit from it most made this a truly exciting and rewarding campaign to work on and we look forward to continuing to build our relationship with First Group in the future.