Media Collaborations

When working in this lucrative student market, one thing we very rarely see is a relationship between brands and student organisations. We certainly see brands using student organisations as media suppliers however in our experience there is the opportunity for a mutually beneficial working relationship.

At BAM we are experts at starting the conversation and exploring the opportunity to partner brands with student organisations. With our history and strong relationship with these organisation means we are best placed to start any negotiation. Each party has opportunities that would benefit the other and our aim is to introduce brands to this prime opportunity to gain unprecedented exposure.

An example of just how successful and mutually beneficial these collaborations can be, was the Hostelworld, Escape to the world campaign. You can read more in the Hostelworld case study.

“It was clear from our first meeting that BAM were really in tune with the student marketplace. The team listened to what we needed and came up with the competition for Students’ Unions as a means to generate buzz and leads, and that worked well. BAM made us feel important as a client and were creative, responsive and engaged.”

With so much scope to work together on a collaborative basis, BAM help brands connect with key student organisations, providing advice and guidance along the way to build strong relationships that grow and evolve into working partnerships.