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Name and job title  – Emily Mullis – Media Partnership Account Sales Executive

How long have you worked at BAM? – I’ve worked at BAM for a year now

Take us through a typical day
My main responsibility is to be the main point of contact for all of our Media Partnerships. My day varies each day from working alongside our exclusive suppliers, to generating new sales and campaign managing the bookings we’ve brought in. I get to work in an amazing team, where every day is different and we manage to have a giggle at everything and anything!

Tell us about a non-typical day
My job varies from day to day, but I can find myself getting caught up in a Easter Egg hunt around the office, attending planning meetings, visiting our suppliers, or working alongside the CET team (Community Engagement Team) to think of new ways to get the team together. We recently set up the BAM breakfast club, as part of CET, This is where we are able to to come in and have breakfast together before work. As part of CET, we also think of ways to raise money for our charity – Building circles. We recently volunteered our time, and spent our afternoon with all of the wonderful people the charity helps. We filled the time with afternoon tea, puzzles, games and arts and crafts.

What’s your favourite thing about working here?
As a small company you can find yourself getting caught up in the most random things! I think my favourite thing about working here is the people. You couldn’t find a madder, crazier and funnier bunch of people in one place. The work is so enjoyable, and the people make it extra fun. It’s also great fun to work with our suppliers and clients around the exciting fresher’s season, you get such a buzz from it!

What’s been your proudest working moment? image3 (1)
I think there’s been a few proud moments for me, I am currently about to finish my placement year at BAM, so it was great to find out that my contract has been extended and I’ve also been offered a permanent role, when I finish University next year. The proudest moment of all would have to be when my line manager, Ben, nominated me for a placement award at University of Gloucestershire. The results haven’t been announced yet – so fingers crossed!

What’s been your favourite campaign to work on?
I’ve had the chance to work alongside so many campaigns whilst I have been working with BAM, so it’s a tricky question! I would have to say that Deliveroo has been one of my favourite’s so far. They started off as a one location booking, and it’s been a pleasure to assist them in expanding across the whole of the UK with their student marketing. It’s been great to watch them grow over the last year, as I know how important the student demographic is too them.

What did you do before you started working here?
I’ve been a full time student for the last two years studying Marketing, Advertising and Communications at the University of Gloucestershire. Previously, I was working as a waitress at TGI Fridays alongside my studies. So I’m excited to finally be finishing University next year!

Do you have any out of work hobbies?
In my spare time I mainly go to the gym and fill my time seeing friends and family. My fiance, Sam, works away all week in the RAF, so I spend most of my time at the weekends with him and our pet pooch Simba (named after Disney’s Lion King). I’m also a part time Bridezilla out of work, because I’m planning for my wedding next June!

IMG-20160308-WA0011 (1)If you could have one superpower what would it be?
It would have to be the gift of time. A power where I could slow things down or speed them up. It would be especially great to be able fast forward time during freshers, so I can see how great all of the campaigns turn out to be!

What’s your funniest story from BAM?
There are so many funny moments at BAM, whether it’s the countless pranks that are made, or the witty comments around the office, there is always something to make you chuckle.

What would be/is your signature karaoke song?
It would have to be Lose my breath by Destiny’s Child, accompanied by the new Bambie, and my best friend Emma, We make a great sassy pair.

Who would be your dream colleague?
My dream colleague would have to be Beyoncé, she’s just so powerful and whenever you’re down, she’d be a great motivator! Plus her singing in the office all day would be a lot better than my teams!

Any advice for those wanting to do what you do?
I’d say take everything in your stride. The job can get stressful at times, working in the fast-paced, lucrative student market. However the team always pulls together and we can overcome any obstacle that confronts us.

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